10th ICST 2016
CONFERENCE INFOWe are looking forward to seeing you at Ryukoku University, Avanti Kyoto Hall.


The 10th ICST2016 is held during the days middle in a tourist season in Kyoto city. Many people are visiting the city from all over the word.
We strongly suggest you to book your hotel as early as possible.

The link to the information of accommodation and reservation pages are;

If you would like to request accommodation more than the period of ICST 2016 and wanted to stay in Kyoto. Please contact the our official travel agency JTB.

Here is also an information of the lower rate inn for the students and the participants who wants save the money for accommodation. This inn is managed by the Nishi Honganji temple which has close relationship with Ryukoku university.

Dormitory rooms with reasonable price have been offered to ICST perticipants
No Vacansy

In response to popular request to find an accommodation with lower cost during the ICST2016, some dormitory rooms have been offered by RyukokuUniversity.

There are two types of the room. Room for 4 guests and room for 2 guests.
Number of the room for 4 people is limited to 5 rooms, and the room for 2 people is limited to 3 rooms.
29th Nov(Tue) to 4th Dec(Sun) are available.
All rooms are Japanese style with tatami floor and futon mattress, and withbath and toilet.

The price of the 1st people is 5715 Yen, and 3810 Yen each for the rest people to stay the same room per night.

The name of the dormitory is TOMOIKI-SO. The location is just west of the old imperial palace.
You can find it from Google map with the address;
38 Konoecho (Muromachidori), Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 602-8019

It takes within 20 min to get the conference venue using the city subway Karasuma line and a walk. The closest station of the subway to the TOMOIKI-SO is Marutamachi (K-07) and the closest station to the conference venue is Kyoto(K-11)

Participants who want to stay the TOMOIKI-SO, please send the request email directly to info@icst2016.com with;

1.Room type(for 4 people or 2 people)
2.Full name & sex of the all guest(s)
3.Email address of the all guest(s)
4.Date of the stay
5.Home address, city, country of all the guest(s)
6.Phone number of the representative

If, desired number of the guest(s) is/are lower than 4 or 2, the room will be shared with other guest(s) or group.
First come, first served for this accommodation.