10th ICST 2016
CONFERENCE INFOWe are looking forward to seeing you at Ryukoku University, Avanti Kyoto Hall.

Conference Info

Conference venue

ICST2016 is held on the 8th and 9th floors of the Kyoto Avanti Building, located on the south side of Kyoto Station and to the west of the Hotel Keihan Kyoto. The lower floors of Kyoto Avanti are a shopping center.
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There is no public Wi-Fi and LAN available in the venue. Prepare a rental Wi-Fi by yourself if you need.

Floor guide

Most of all scientific programs are held at the Ryukoku University Avanti Kyoto Hall, 9th floor of the Kyoto AVANTI buildin.

Poster sessions (non- defended), lunch, welcome dinner, and award banquet are held at the Mariage-grande, 8th floor of the Kyoto AVANTI building.

The elevator to get the conference hall

There are two elevators in the Kyoto Avanti building, east and west. Registration, opening ceremony, Keynote presentations, podium presentations, exhibitor showcases, round table, and coffee breaks will be held on the 9th floor. Use the east elevator to get 9th floor directly. The west elevator is not bound for 9th floor. Poster sessions, lunches and dinners will be held on the 8th floor.

How to get to the 8th floor

A private stair connecting the 9th floor and 8th floor can be used to move between the 9th and 8th floor. The entrance to the private stair on the 9th floor is located just outside of the lobby.
Using the private stair is permitted during a limited time indicated in the schedule table.
If you want to move between the 9th and 8th floors at times other than those indicated in the schedule, use one of the following three methods;

1. Down to the 6th floor using the east elevator first, moving through a book store, up to
the 8th floor using the west elevator.
2. Down to the 1st floor using the east elevator, up to the 8th floor using the west elevator.
3. Down to the 1st floor using the east elevator, up to the 8th floor using the private elevator located outside of the building directly bound for Mariage Grande.

Web page of Kyoto AVANTI building (B1 to 6th floor: shopping mall, 7-8th floor: Mariage-grande, 9th floor: Ryukoku University Avanti Kyoto Hall)

Head quarter Hotel
Hotel Keihan Kyoto
Web page
Access map (Japanese)